My Sessions

I offer all my skills as part of a combined Natural Health Consultation with Kinesiology, which uses kinesiology muscle testing to give you a full ‘MOT’ check and if required, I also assess what other therapies would be most effective for your current problems. I may perform some techniques and corrections as needed using various methods such as tapping, massage and acupressure, and I work with you to uncover the root cause of your problems, whether they be nutritional, structural, physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual. I then find the most effective way to bring you back to health. This requires a commitment on your part to implement the advice and path we formulate and I therefore find it most effective to work with clients who are open to changing their diet, habits and lifestyles, and possibly taking some short term supplement, herbs or remedies as needed.

My approach is to look for the cause, not just addressing the symptom. My belief is that our bodies are ultimately capable of looking after themselves without our intervention and the need for costly supplements, or extreme actions! So my aim is to get the body back into balance as quickly and effectively as possible, listening closely to what it is telling me through the muscle testing, and working through problems that show as priorities in the order they are presented. You body is our instructor, and I even ask when (and even if) it wants to see me again!

My prices are modest and I feel that these are fair and very reasonable in comparison with the current market. If you feel you would greatly benefit from a session, and are genuinely unable to afford my fees, please get in touch. I am happy to work out a payment plan, offer a reduced-time session, or something else that may help. Please be assured that I do not intend to have you back every week or 2. Most of my clients see me for a check up around 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation, then maybe another if there are still some issues, and once everything is in balance, maybe every 3-4 months after for an MOT.

I offer an initial consultation which is for setting your file up, taking your health history and chatting through any issues you may be having. I will often explain to you the way I work, my initial thoughts regarding your symptoms, work out together an effective therapy plan to follow and perform a few short muscle tests to ensure the path we have discussed is correct and if there is anything we can implement in the meantime. I will often give you some homework and advice to set you off on your healing journey straight away. Then you will return for your full kinesiology session of up to 2 hours at a later date, though in some circumstances we can combine the initial consultation and first session, such as if you struggle to get time off work, or are traveling a distance to me.

Sessions are held at Lotus Therapy Centre, a beautiful, peaceful therapy room situated at Shop Holistic, Bedwas, near Caerphilly in South Wales. There is a Premier Inn within half a mile if you are travelling (I am just a mile from the beautiful Caerphilly Castle if you want to make a day of it!). Please note that access to the therapy room is up a flight of stairs.

Distant Sessions
I am able to offer distant sessions where I will use someone as a surrogate to test for you. I have used this for some clients who live far away and cannot travel to me, and also for pets. I use my husband as surrogate at present (my daughter is in training). As a new service, and I am looking at the possibility of doing the sessions over Skype so they can be completely interactive. If you are interested in this, please contact me. Sessions will be a little more expensive to pay for my surrogate too!